Upbra® bras are protected by multiple issued and pending US and International patents.
Demonstration of how the Upbra bra works  Above image: one of the Upbra® models demonstrating how the Upbra® bra works.

Launched in January 2015, after 6 years of development, Upbra® bras were designed by the Coolware team of engineers and designers (who created Cooltan Tan Through Sportswear) along with the input from hundreds of women around the world. The mission was simple: make a bra that would give lift and cleavage like never before, naturally, without excessive padding. And make it so that women could select the amount of lift they want. And after all that, it would have to be comfortable and make everyone look and feel incredible.

Upbra® has become the most complex bra ever designed. Each Upbra bra has 97 design elements that come together to give you natural CLEAVAGE and true COMFORT in one single bra.

Even before the launch of the Upbra® bra, the CBS television show, ‘The Doctors’ featured it on a segment called, “Cleavage that is Not Surgery”. It aired on national television for millions to see.

Upbra® is changing the idea of what a bra should do.


Women are finding that adjusting their look with an Upbra bra is as simple as a pull of the cleavage adjusting strap. With that much adjustability, almost anyone is now able to get cleavage that they could never have done so before, naturally with what they have, and without having to go under the knife. Some have called the Upbra a paradigm changer in the lingerie/bra industry.

Remember: How far you take it... is up to you!



Upbra® Bra
Cleavage and Lift Like Never Before


Designed to provide natural looking lift and fullness, the Upbra® bra is setting a new performance standard in the lingerie industry.
Upbra featured on 'The Doctors' tv show
Above image: a screen shot when the Upbra® bra was featured on the CBS show 'The Doctors'